Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Correcting Common Stamping Problems

If you've only used wood mounted stamps before, or aren't familiar with Close To My Heart's My Acrylix stamp line, check out this YouTube video.

Basic stamping is, and should be, simple and straight forward:  Take your block mounted image and twist, twist, stamp, stamp it on your ink pad. Then stamp the image onto the project paper. You don't need to press hard, just firm, even pressure. Wait a second to allow the ink to transfer to the paper.

Here are some solutions to correct common stamping problems:

  • Image is not centered.  Try standing up so you can look straight down through the block and stamp onto the paper. This will eliminate angles and distortion from looking sideways.  Make sure you're holding your block level too. If placement is especially crucial, you may need to "hover" over the paper. I hold the block with my thumbs and index fingers above my paper and "balance" on my other fingers. This allows me to get the image lined up just right before pressing straight down onto the paper.   

  • Solid image isn't solid. Use the "squishy thing." This is a
    piece of foam material included in every Close To My Heart My Acrylix stamp set. It's not just packaging! This will give you a cushion when stamping. Place the foam under your project paper.You can also use a pad of scratch paper or our the Versamat. The Versamat also gives you a nice contrast when stamping on light colored paper.
  • Not enough ink. Another great thing about My Acrylix, you can see where the ink is, or isn't. Look at your stamp after inking it. Is there even coverage on the image? Did you pick up a pet hair? If your stamped image has an area that's missing ink, check to make sure there isn't a fold or crumb under your stamping surface.  The area should be smooth. This is also the reason to stamp your image before assembling your project.

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