Monday, April 23, 2018

Cricut Expression users need to READ THIS

  • Cricut has announced that the Cricut Craft Room will CLOSE as of July 15, 2018. 
  • Legacy Machines are NOT compatible with Design Space.
  • Legacy Machines CAN continue to be used as stand-alone devices.
  • Cricut is offering $75 off new Explore machine or bundle for customers who haven't yet upgraded.

Read complete details from Cricut here.

I started with Expression and currently use Explore Air. If you have any questions about differences and transitioning, feel free to contact me. The decision to discontinue CCR (as well as to drop physical cartridges) was made by Cricut, not Close To My Heart. In fact, CTMH advocated for keeping physical cartridges. If you have specific comments about the decision, contact Cricut/Provo Craft.

One of the main reasons people have not upgraded yet is because Design Space is an online program and scrapbookers often craft where there is no Internet availability. Cricut has been working on this issue and currently offers Design Space Offline for iOS.

One of my favorite features of Design Space (DS) is that you can share files! For the Pretty in Pink promotion in February, we offered a Butterfly Mobile project and supply bundle. CTMH gave the DS file for everyone to use. 

Files look like this When you click on a DS file link, or cut and paste into your browser, the link will open the Design Space program and open the file. As long as you have the rights to use the images from the file, you can cut immediately. What a time saver! You can also share files with friends. I can send you files for Cricut Coordinating stamp sets that you purchase or help you re-size images for a project. 

The Explore machines use the same tools, mats and blades as the Expression.