Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Safeguard your Snapshots

I recently took a free online class on mobile photography from #PersnicketyPrints. I've been telling you, along with many others, that you need to back up your phone (and other devices) to prevent the loss of your pictures, but did you know it matters HOW and WHERE you do that?

How many of you saw poor, pathetic Dexter after his surgery? This is the picture I posted on my personal  Facebook page.

I took the picture with my phone and it has all this wonderful information attached (metadata)!

Now, compare that to the information from the SAME image, which I downloaded to the SAME phone from Facebook.

Do  you notice any differences? (FYI, I did not remove any pertinent information from the screen shot with editing, there are still no tags, but there was NO camera info...the image was downloaded, not taken.  It did categorize the image as "food" though, LOL!)

The date: my phone tells me when I actually took the picture. The downloaded image tells me when I downloaded it. Somewhat useful, but if I want to scrapbook this later, I may want the date more precise. And speaking of dates, my phone also named the image with the date. I'm not sure what the numbers from the Facebook name mean. Finally, and to my point, notice the difference in Resolution between the two! The original was 5312x2988 pixels. The download was only 528x960.

What is Resolution and why does it matter? Webster says,

 a measure of the sharpness of an image or of the fineness with which a device (such as a video display, printer, or scanner) can produce or record such an image usually expressed as the total number or density of pixels in the image 
  • resolution of 1200 dots per inch

What is a Pixel and why does it matter? Remember when TV screens where growing but some of the bigger ones were blurry if you didn't look at them just right? Those little dots of color that make up a picture are pixels.  Anyone remember Dot Matrix Printers? These actually combined dots of ink to form letters when printing.

Little dots of color make up pictures. Lots of dots = high resolution. Not so many = low resolution. Got it. Why is that important?

Did you ever try to print a picture and get the "yellow triangle?" On the #Walgreens website, this is the "low resolution" warning and means "your photo does not contain enough detail to produce a high quality printed image." You may also get this warning if you crop a picture to zoom in on the subject.

If I want to print Dexter's downloaded picture as an 8x10, that darn yellow triangle will show up, or I might buy a print and it will be blurry. Why? Facebook compresses your pictures. It needs to store a lot of information (not just pictures, cat videos too!) and get those pictures to load quickly. Facebook is a fun distraction but it is NOT a photography site. Can you imagine going to Uncle Jim's funeral and seeing a wallet size picture of him in an 11x14 frame because the resolution was too small to print  anything larger?

Now you know your phone isn't going to last forever, it could be damaged tomorrow, so you've got to get the pictures somewhere else for safekeeping. Facebook is not the place. Your computer is just as vulnerable as your phone. So, what else is there? The cloud. You can use a "major" cloud service to store your pictures. Right now mine are with photo services because I started using them pre-cloud. (I'm fairly certain they have clouds of their own.)

In a perfect world, all your pictures are on one service so you can find things easier. I have been putting my Family Tree pictures on One Drive. I have found that's the best way to link and upload/download them with the genealogy program I use.

Here's another comparison: The first bit of file info is from a picture taken on my phone and uploaded to One Drive. The second was downloaded from Facebook to One Drive. (I cropped out the file name because it's a name.) If these were pictures of your great-grandparents, which one would you print??

Here is the file info from an image I had at #Snapfish. Using their app I can upload directly from my phone. The information below is from the website. Notice that this gives me BOTH the date taken and uploaded, the camera (phone) information and the higher resolution numbers (5312x2988).

Finally, here is file data from #Shutterfly for an image that was received by text and saved to my phone, then uploaded with their app. The resolution is good and the date is close, but it would be hard to find in tens of thousands of pictures. In this day and age it might be easy to share pictures and information, but that doesn't mean that what we receive is what we will need 50 years from now.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Craft with Heart

Can you believe it's August? What happened to July? And June...and May and...???

Since returning from the Close To My Heart® Convention a month ago it's been very difficult to keep  quiet about all the new goodies we have in store. August may drag on and on! But there are a few things you can get your hands on early...

First is the More Magical special. This will give you a sneak peek of three of the new colors we're adding to the Exclusive Inks palette. You can read about that under Specials.

Second is an exciting new program: Craft with Heart, featuring the wonderful Cut Above® kits!! [insert applause here] Everyone loves these kits because there is no cutting required! No fuss, no muss, scrapbooking starts and ends with our Cut Above® layout kits. With pre-printed base pages, paper pieces, die-cuts, stickers, and easy to follow directions, these kits help you preserve your memories in minutes. All you need is adhesive and a pen to complete the kit. What could be easier?

Automatic delivery right to your door!!

Craft with Heart™ is our new SUBSCRIPTION program!! You can have a kit for every month of the year. Each kit make two double-page scrapbook layouts. Of course, Memory Protectors are also included. The new Holiday Expressions catalog begins September 1, but you can see the Cut Above® kits and subscribe now. You don't have to wait!
We will be offering  three subscription choices in total. Only the 12-month subscription is being available early. With the TWELVE month option your will receive one box every four months. Each box contains four different kits. You will be charged once every 12 months.
    • This option gives you a 20% discount on the kits.
    • Shipping is FREE!
    • PLUS receive a code from Persnickety Prints for 30 free 4x6 prints!
The 12-month option is the best price per kit, only $14.36.

product image

The other two options will be:
  • ONE kit shipped to you every month, billed monthly.
  • FOUR kits in one box, billed and shipped every four months (each catalog cycle)
    • This option gives you a 10% discount and saves on shipping costs.
Here's a chart comparing all three choices:

Subscribing is easy: 
  • Follow this link to my web page.
  • Click on the SUBSCRIBE button.
  • Sign-in to your account (or create one).
  • In August, only the 12-Month option is available. Click CONTINUE.
  • Select or enter the address where the subscription will be delivered. Click CONTINUE.
  • Select or enter the billing information. Click CONTINUE.
  • Review your subscription information. Click SUBSCRIBE.
By subscribing in August for the 12-Month subscription, your first box will ship right away!

product image
Craft with Heart™ can help everyone preserve their memories. This will help you have completed projects using quality CTMH products. The kits are exclusive and only available through the subscription. If you like the convenience of Cut Above® kits, you're going to love Craft with Heart™!