Thursday, September 25, 2014

Artfully Sent is here!!

I recently received my Artfully Sent collection, Close To My Heart's latest addition to their Cricut Collection.

  • The image booklet is streamlined without extra pages.  
  • There are image summary pages, sorted by type. 
  • Each button is themed:  birthday, Mother's Day, etc. 
  • The booklet recommends a size for each image.
  • The color coding between summary pages and button pages is consistent.
  • An assembly booklet is included (similar to Artiste).

It is important when using Artfully Sent that you understand the Real Dial Size button. 

When turned off, all the piece are cut IN PROPORTION to the size you have your machine set.  If  you set your machine for 5" and cut several images for a card, all the pieces will fit together properly for a card that is 5" wide.

When turned on, all the pieces are cut to the ACTUAL size you have your machine set. If you set your machine for 5" with Real Dial Size on and cut several images, they will all be 5" wide.  This means that you can cut the images for ANY size you want, not just the recommended size.  

Although a flower may need to be small to fit on a 5x7 card, you can also turn the Real Dial Size button on to cut the flower 12" wide for a scrapbook page.

In the Cricut Craft Room, Real Dial Size is shown at the bottom with examples in Aa (see above, circled in red).  Do you want the lower case letters proportional to the upper case (Real Dial Size off) or do you want all the letters the same height (Real Dial Size on)?
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