Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flipping for Flip Flaps

Flip Flaps are amazing! This little pocket memory protectors can do so many things, you'll wonder how you ever crafted without them. Close To My Heart offers several sizes and packages.

  • Z4114 contains 15 of the original 4"x6" Flip Flaps
  • Z1726 gives you ten 6"x6" Flip Flaps
  • Z1325 is our 12" assortment in 4", 6" and 8" widths
  • Z1747 offers an assortment of the smaller sizes: 2"x2",  3"x3", 3"x4" and 4"x4"
  • Z3027 is the newest addition, 15 of the 3"x4" size
Flip Flaps are fun and easy to use. The most common use of Flip Flaps is to add more photos to a page. Simply design your scrapbook layout (or use one of our How To books), then add extra photos of the same size.

While the 12" assortment can be used for the ultimate interactive layout...
they're also good for protecting mementos you still want to access from your scrapbook.

Are you wondering if you can trim down a photo? Use your smaller size Flip Flaps as templates.  Just place the Flip Flap on top and you'll be able to see which size works for you and where to trim.

Making a mini-album? Use Flip Flaps as page protectors.

My favorite use of Flip Flaps is to protect mementos that I wish to include on my scrapbook pages, and allow them to be viewed interactively.

Update 11/9/2014:  Here's some more Flip Flap pictures and ideas from my Facebook Page.
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