Monday, January 5, 2015

Re-inkers 201: The Spray Pen

Do you have any re-inkers? Well, if your ink pads aren't very used, you may wonder why you would need them.  Obviously, re-inkers can be used to RE-ink your stamp pads, but did you know there were so many other things you can do with these delightful bottle of liquid color?

There are many techniques that use ink from the re-inkers to add color and texture to your projects.
  • The spray pen:  Z1380 is only $3.95 for THREE spray pens. These are so fun! Play with different options to get the hang of it; very addicting technique!

    1. Tip:  Instead of water, use Rubbing Alcohol, it will evaporate faster and won't leave you with a soggy project.
    2. Recipe:  Starting from the bottom, fill the spray pen up to the 7th line with water or rubbing alcohol. Add reinker up to the 9th line. For extra shimmer, add three drops of Create-A-Shade Pearl Paint (we use to sell this). Insert the spray mechanism, tighten and cap, then gentle shake to mix.                                                                                                                   
    3. You can get different looks by varying the angle, height and speed of the spray.
    4. Be sure to prepare for leaks in your work area; better safe than sorry! Our All Purpose Mat is a great choice (Z2045). I often spray into a box, which gives me an over-spray barrier on up to four sides.
    5. Always empty, rinse, and clean your spray pen after use. Especially when using the paint which can clog the nozzle if it dries. Be sure to fill the pen with plain water and spray several times to clear the nozzle. If it does become clogged, try soaking the nozzle part.
    6. The Spray Pen is also great for using with just plain water. Check out the technique on page 55 of the 2014 Annual Inspirations Idea Book and Catalog.
    7. Try mixing water and bleach for a fun technique on dark paper.

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