Friday, February 6, 2015

Re-inkers 301: Direct from the Bottle

  • Re-inkers can be used to dye embellishments to match your projects: ribbon, paper flowers, etc. Here's a card I made with the Color-Ready Seam Binding Ribbon dyed to match the Sunny Yellow.
  • Water may have used a stamp pad for a water color medium:  squeeze the middle of the closed pad, then use the ink from the lid.  This can be a soft, subtle color, depending on the shade (top hat). But, if you want a stronger, richer color, add a few drops of re-inker to the lid or onto the All Purpose Mat and pick it up from there (bottom hat). Vary the brush size for different looks. Speaking of the All Purpose Mat, check out this fun technique from the Close To My Heart blog.
  • Next, I tried Paint Brush Inking. I put several drops of re-inker on my All Purpose Mat then picked it up with a 1" flat brush.  After applying the re-inker to the stamp, I stamped it for a fun texture look! I like the solid shape better; the texture gets hidden in the second image. (Surprise! I only used one stamp...turn your stamp over to get the same shape, only solid.)
  • Puddle Pads are another fun way to use re-inkers.  Check out the video:                                 
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