Monday, August 29, 2016

Zippadee-Zip Strips!

The B&T (Background and Texture) Duos (double sided) paper in our paper packs has an extra 1/2" piece on one side. This is called the Zip Strip. One one side is printed the paper pack info, item number, name, copyright info and the colors featured in the pack (useful when adding cardstock, ink and embellishments). The other side is printed with a separate pattern or words. These little babies are useful in MANY ways, Let Me Show You How...

Obviously, these can be used anywhere you need a 1/2" piece on cards or layouts.

            They can be used in place of ribbon.

They can be left attached the paper (trim 1/2" from the opposite side) as a decorative edge.

Combine Zip Strips to create unique patterns and designs.

What is your favorite use for Zip Strips?

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