Sold Out & Retired List

Officially out of stock from the January/February catalog:

  • Z3634 Angel Hugs with Thin Cuts (stamp set alone is still available)
  • Z3638 Country Animals Stamp Bundle
  • Z3646 Country Bee Stamp + Thin Cuts (stamp alone is still available)
  • Z3648 Country Dragonfly Stamp + Thin Cuts (stamp alone is still available)
Remember, we have TWO publications available, the Bi-Monthly Seasonal Catalog and the Annual Core Catalog. To find everything in one place, including retired items, shop from my Website.

The following was originally published as a blog post.

Here's a link to the retired list. 

This is a list of products from the current Seasonal Expressions 2 catalog that will retire at the end of August. All available items are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. A few things are already sold out. As more items become unavailable, I will update the list.

If you think there are some odd things on this list (all the cardstock), it's because the packaging is being changed, not necessarily the product. Sometimes the manufacturer changes, that's also a new item number. If you have a question, or are in a panic, just ask me.

What will sell out first?

Wait a minute while I get my crystal ball...oh right, I don't have one. But, here are my educated guesses (and I was totally wrong on colors last year!).

  • More than once, demand has exceeded supply and we've surprised the corporate office wizards  who study trends, buying habits, etc. 
  • Paper collections are promoted in same order as they are in the catalog. They may sell out in the same order. Close To My Heart specifically plans for quantities of the last collection (Craft On) to be available through the end of August, but anything can happen.
  • Items for the retiring colors usually sell out fast as consultants rush to fill existing orders, buy supplies for upcoming workshops, complete collections and get back ups for their favorites.
  • It is easier to control items made "in house" than those we carry from other manufacturers. That is why sometime a product is just gone forever with no warning. When we attempted to re-order from the supplier, they had discontinued the product, or moved on to a new model. Stamp sets are made by CTMH, so if a quantity is low, they make more. 

The following colors are retiring:

You already know one of the new colors...French Vanilla! It will be nice to have an off-white again!! French Vanilla is included in Seaside, the Bring Back My Pack special for  July and August.

And you know there will be a color of the year! Any guesses??

Can't find an item on my website? 

                           What do the banners mean?

                                                                            Is it sold out?

  • Back Order/Delayed Shipping
    • More are on the way. 
    • Item may cause order shipping to be delayed (up to 6 days) until it becomes available.
    • We know they'll be here soon so we're going to wait X days and ship everything together.
    • If you don't want to wait, remove the delayed items from your order before submitting. You can always ask me if I have something in stock (especially cardstock).
  • Low Quantity
    • Is is almost gone forever? 
      • current items-not necessarily
      • clearance and going soon items-likely
    • Is it going on back order? 
      • current items- maybe.
      • clearance and going soon items-unlikely
    • Will they be gone in 5 minutes or 5 months? Yes.
      • there might be 100, or 1000
  • Out of Stock
    • Is it gone forever?
      • Apparently not. This seems to be code for "be back soon." Example: Sugarplum reinker, I would not be surprised if it was gone forever, but more stock is coming within a week. 
    • Is it during a Flash Sale?
      • The "quantity set aside for the sale" is probably gone. Look for the item (especially current products) to return to stock (at regular price) after the sale.
  • Where did it go?!?!
    • During a flash sale, I had something in my cart, and then it disappeared! Now I can't find it online!! 
      • The item probably sold out. If it is a regular, current item, it will probably be back at regular price after the sale.
      • If it was a retired item, it is probably out of stock and gone forever.
    • It's only 3 weeks into the new catalog and I can't find a new product online.
      • Sometimes it's glitch.
      • I can tell you if the item actually sold out.
      • It may be temporarily unavailable to order. More are coming, but it will be too long to hold on back order. The items is "gone" temporarily until more are back in stock.
    • It was in Going Soon or Clearance forever, now it's gone, along with several similar items.
      • They may have been pulled for an upcoming sale. (I saw this before Stamptacular.)
      • They may be gone, especially if they are really old and not selling.
      • It sold out. - These are generally a guess, unless I happen to catch it right after it goes. Retired items don't get placed on the list I receive.

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