Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Install Flip Flaps

Here are step by step directions for installing Flip Flaps™ smaller than 12".  You can find additional information on interactive elements in our How To Book Magic.  If you missed my previous post, you can find Flipping for Flip Flaps here.

Step 1.  Insert the two photos (or other items) you are using into the Flip Flap and attach it to your finished page. I like to put the adhesive under the base photo instead of on top of it. The adhesive flap folds over the opening. It is like an envelope EXCEPT the adhesive is on the opposite side of the flap, When the flap is down, the opening is covered to keep items from sliding out.

Step 2.  Insert the finished layout with the Flip Flap attached into your Memory Protector. Note:  Make sure you have oriented your Memory Protector correctly for the left or right hand page!! 

Step 3.  Mark the Memory Protector to show where to cut the slit. Mark the length of the slit as well as the stop and start points. Here I've used Washi Tape.                                                                                   At this point I like to remove my layouts from the Memory Protector so that I have a flap object to work with when cutting. (Note:  I recommend only using Flip Flaps on only one side of your Memory Protector; it just makes this step easier.)

Step 3.  Insert a small cutting mat or board inside your Memory Protector.  This is IMPORTANT because otherwise you will cut into your layout and/or the back side of your page protector. 

Line up your ruler with the marked edge.

Did you know our Ruler has a metal straight edge? No worrying about chipping it with the knife!

Use and X-Acto knife to cut a slit in the Memory Protector. Just to be safe, I cut from each end toward the middle. You may need to make two passes.

Here's the slit in my Memory Protector! (Note:  I recommended staying an inch away from all four sides of the Memory Protector.) Now you can remove the Washi Tape.
Step 4.  Remove the items from your Flip Flap, then put the page back in the Memory Protector.
Step 5.  Reach into your Memory Protector and bend the Flip Flaps back towards the slit.  (This step is so much easier when the Flip Flaps is empty!).

I hope you can see this clearly-I put an extra piece of cardstock behind the Flip Flap. Thread the finished edge of the Flip Flap through the slit and pull it all the way through to the outside of the Memory Protector.  Turn the Flip Flap to the "open" position and re-insert your items, then "close" the Flip Flap. You're done!!

This is my top/outside photo. Originally this layout ("Salsa" from Imagine) did not have a Flip Flap in this spot. The photo measurement is 3.5"x5.5" and it's matted on a 4"x6" piece. I added two 4"x6" pictures, one for the base photo (Steps 4 and 5) and one for the "inside" of the Flip Flap. The top photo was used WITH its matting to make it fit in the Flip Flap.  Keep this in mind if your photo or item is smaller than our Flip Flap sizes.
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